A successful seminar!

The seminar held in Saint-Emilion on 25-29 June 2019 was a significant human and intellectual experience. The participants stressed that beyond the necessary criticisms of Western-centric hegemony, there are many other hegemonies (nationalist, religious, ideological, etc.) that hinder sociological reasoning and its critical dimension. This is why the idea of a non-hegemonic global sociology has emerged as central and necessary. A book is being prepared that will report on all the reflections and reasoning developed during the seminar.

Residential seminar Toward a non-hegemonic world sociology

Saint-Emilion, France, June 25-29, 2019

June 26: Narratives and Canon: Teaching sociology

– 8:45 a.m.: Welcome address by Eric Macé and Stéphane Dufoix ; Welcome address by Sébastien-Yves Laurent, Vice-President of the University of Bordeaux.

– 9-12 a.m.: Panel 1

– Julian Go: Towards an Alternative Canon? Particularity and Generality across “Black” and “Red” Social Theory

– Joao Maia: Southern sociologies and theory-building: lessons from the history of Sociology

Stéphane Dufoix: Understanding the past to build the future. Writing a new history of the world sociological archipelago

– 2-5 p.m.: Panel 2

– Nilüfer Göle: The heuristic power of notions, non-western modernities, veiling and mahrem, public space democracy and maidan, interpenetrations

Sujata Patel: Gazing forward through the Prism of the Colonial Past: Notes on sociology’s contradictory histories in India.

            – Hebe Vessuri: Do we need a common canon for a non-hegemonic social science?

June 27: Epistemology and concepts: Making sociology

– 9-12 a.m.: Panel 3

            – Gennaro Ascione: The coloniality of method. A teratologic approach to concept formation

            – Wiebke Keim : Three levels of challenges: the institution of sociology ; sociological theory ; theory of sociological knowledge

            – Sang-Jin Han:  Search for In-Between Commonality: How to go beyond the Hegemonic concept of instrumental rationality through the eyes of Max Weber immersing into the Chinese old concept of ‘Affective-Reasonable’ Rationality?

– 1:45 – 4:30 p.m.: Panel 4

            – Adewale Adesina: Towards A Non- Hegemonic World Sociology And Exploring Its Relevance in the 21st Century Nigeria And Beyond.

            – Marina Hughson: Theorizing from a void: Epistemic lessons from the semiperiphery

            – Manuela Boatca: Unlearning European Borders. Lessons from the Caribbean

– 5:15 p.m.: visit of the Michel de Montaigne’s castle (1533-1592)


June 28: Connected knowledge and Methodological challenges: Doing sociology together

– 9-12 a.m.: Panel 5

– Raewyn Connell: Sociology for a Decolonized World

            – Jimi Adesina: What would a ‘non-hegemonic Sociology’ look like? Reflections from an African perspective

– Laurence Roulleau-Berger: The fabric of Post-Western Sociology: from China to Europe.

– 2-5 p.m.: Panel 6

– Eric Macé: For an “augmented sociology”: The non-hegemonic approach, a condition for the universality of sociological reasoning

            – Geoffrey Pleyers: Global sociology

            – Shujiro Yazawa: Toward a Non-hegemonic Social Science

– 6 p.m.: General assembly:  Commentaires et propositions by Rigas Arvanitis

what kind of publication? (at SAGE, Studies in International Sociology); how to extend this initiative? (world network, new event, new ISA working group?).

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