Toward a Non-Hegemonic World Sociology

This blog presents the on going process of a discussion taking place between sociologists from all over the world who seek to define a non-hegemonic world sociology. It means a sociology which is neither limitated by its Western hegemonic standpoint (that is to say, as the “science of modern societies”, which has as its standard the Western narrative of modernity), neither by the multiculturalism (that is, as a postmodernist multiplicity of decolonial situated truths). As the subtitle of the project emphasizes, it is a question of taking advantage of postcolonial criticism in order to engage from now in the reflection in favor of a global sociology whose connections between the various situated knowledge lead to the recognition of theoretical and methodological common tools. We can thus hope to go beyond the divide between “hegemonic universalism” vs “situated culturalisms” to deploy an “augmented” sociology, that is to say, capable of producing common knowledge about social relations and social experiences all over the world.
The activity of this blog is linked to three events. First of all, during the year 2017-2018, a seminar held within the framework of the Global Studies College of the Foundation of Human Sciences (EHESS, Paris) and which will be held every month with guests from all over the world. Then, in 2019, in Bordeaux, a residential seminar will bring together sociologists from all over the world to develop a kind of “manifesto” of this non-hegemonic world sociology. Then, on the basis of these two seminars, the publication of a book in several languages, ​​offering a support for the continuation of this discussion with sociologists all over the world.

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